Convenant Euro EP

With a sound that is equal parts industrial, darkwave and electro pop, the Convenant will impress the dourest of goths and those that aren’t. “Consumer” has tenebrous dance vibes that are plumped up by impressive drum machine sounds which might have some comparing it to Front 242. It’s not until the remixes of “Go Film” that the Euro EP shines a bright light in the darkest of corners. The first remix is upbeat, leaning at the start towards a demonised Frankie Goes to Hollywood sound. The drumming definitely has that Frankie pop tuneage but is quickly over shadowed with simple desolate lyrics. For those that have sworn off pop in favour of black clothing, Covenant provide two “Disco Calculi” mix of “Go Film” that are more industrial and electronica in nature. A little more warped, a little less electro pop but definitely two fab remixes. Vocals have been stripped out in favour of the sounds, which was a good decision as the music has an excellent dance vibe. The retro goth might want to consider a band like the Convenant as a modern day Depeche Mode without the glamour or sleaze. Although this Swedish band have been around since the early ‘90s, some might not have had a chance to enjoy their blend of electro pop plus industrial. An easily accessible sound that would give goths a chance to enjoy something new on the dance floor if given half the chance. (Metropolis)