Contrast Forget to Tell the Time

A good case could be made for Rainbow Quartz being one of the least complicated record labels in the world. Every CD that appears with their logo seems to contain straight-forward rock music that doesn’t really reveal any hidden depths with each subsequent listen, and sometimes that can be refreshing. That’s why Forget to Tell the Time, the fourth album by the Contrast fits the Rainbow Quartz mould so well. And there’s nothing wrong with that at all. This four-piece band from Peterborough, England have been winning wide acclaim thanks to their strong live show and it is hard to imagine someone not falling for their mid-’80s jangly sound that is reminiscent of the Smithereens and the Dentists. The only problem is that while Forget to Tell the Time is an easy album to listen to, it is also an easy album to forget. It’s fun while it lasts but don’t expect to be whistling these tunes all day. (Rainbow Quartz)