Constants Front-Man Seeks Donations to Build Solar-Powered Studio

Constants Front-Man Seeks Donations to Build Solar-Powered Studio
In an environmentally conscious move, Constants front-man Will Benoit is currently raising money to build a solar-powered, eco-friendly recording studio. Using the fundraising website, Benoit is looking for donations to help convert his unused barn into a studio. The solar panels are already in place, but he's still in need of sound-proofing, as well as recording equipment.

He is offering incentives to anyone who contributes to his cause, including a free day of recording for every $100. If you donate $2,500 or more, Benoit will come to your home (provided that you're within 250 miles) and cook you dinner.

In a press release, Benoit said:

I already own a 2,000 sq ft barn, its solar panels have already been installed, and now it's time to insulate, frame, build walls, soundproof, install flooring, install plumbing, heating, doors, and windows as well as purchase audio gear. My wife and I have spent the past six months updating our 250-year-old home with all new, low demand, energy efficient appliances - from the hot water heater and dual flush toilet down to energy rated light bulbs. Now it's time to bring that approach to the barn. I want to build it using recycled materials wherever possible - insulate with recycled denim and BioBased spray foam, purchase used furniture and equipment (which keeps it out of landfills), rely on renewable resources like cork and bamboo and use low demand, energy efficient heaters and electronics as much as possible.

Given the large number of socially conscious musicians, such facilities are surprisingly rare. Perhaps the most famous example is Jack Johnson's Solar Powered Plastic Plant in L.A., where he recorded his 2008 album Sleep Through the Static.

When Benoit's studio is complete, it will be the first of its kind in New England. He still has a long way to go, however. If you'd like to contribute, do so over at