Constantines & Feist "Islands in the Stream"

Constantines & Feist "Islands in the Stream"
Fresh off her domination of the Junos, Feist has teamed up with the Constantines for a tender version of the Bee Gees' classic "Islands in the Stream," which most of us know as the mushy, lovey dovey duet popularised by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton in the '80s. And before you wonder, yes, it’s even better than the re-jigged take by Pras, ODB and Mya.

Recorded "one chilly day in early February following a game of ice hockey and a round of hot chocolates" the Arts & Crafts label-mates turn in a tribute fit for a warm snuggle by the lit Duralog.

Feist's warm coo is filled with her irresistible brand of vulnerability, and when matched up with Cons front-man Bry Webb's well-deep, Leonard Cohen-esque breath, unveils a chemistry fit for an album of these unlikely covers.

Kudos to the rest of the Cons who give these two such a delicate backdrop - filled with hushed keys, pillow-soft acoustic strums and the most restrained time-keeping the band have ever put to tape.

My only complaint is that they never shot a video/performance as affecting as this one. Here's to hoping they will...

Those looking to buy their very own copy of the song, "Islands in the Stream" is available as a free download when you buy the Cons' new album, Kensington Heights from iTunes. Or, you can buy it as both a digital download and a seven-inch from the Arts & Crafts shop by clicking here.

The Constantines & Feist "Islands in the Stream"