Conspiracy Screw the Underground, I'm Going Commercial (Sign Me Before I Die)

Not only is the title to Conspiracy’s solo debut one of the most amusing titles in a while (not to mention longest), it’s also a fine example of irony. After all, the closest Conspiracy gets to commercial with Screw the Underground is "For Lyricists Only (Game Potentials),” a bass-heavy bumper that namedrops hip-hop cats, of which half might be readily recognisable to a commercial crowd, and the pro-hip-hop rant "A Happy Ending to a Sad Story (When You See),” thanks to a slick piano loop. The subject matter here is similar to Conspiracy’s work with his twin brother Mindbender as Supreme Being Unit: mind-engaging lyrics about government cover-ups, sci-fi tales and hip-hop braggadocio, all christened by the weed smoke. The lo-fi, uncredited production even echoes the sounds of SBU’s Mental Reverse/Spiritual Rebirth album, their last together. The result is a dark album that paints a bleak picture over raw, space age hip-hop. But, like all grey clouds, there is a silver lining, expressed here as "Start to rebuild once we bring about the end,” ("Oblivion”). Welcome to the last days. (Independent)