Congorock Teaches Hardcore 101 with New Mixtape

Congorock Teaches Hardcore 101 with New Mixtape
Joining Crookers and the Bloody Beetroots atop the exploding Italian electro scene, Congorock is one of those DJs who oozes charisma and charm. And perhaps part of his confidence is owed to the fact that he cut his teeth in legendary post-hardcore band La Quiete. Whatever the case, he's paid tribute to his hardcore roots with his new contribution to the Fool's Gold podcast, which can be grabbed here.

As the DJ points out, the tracks remain extremely relevant to the label's club-heavy sound. "I wanted to call it The Furious Years, like something related to the past - it's old stuff (nothing after 2003) that I listened to when I was younger," he says. "I put some tracks from my old bands (La Quiete and Death of Anna Karina), Steve Aoki sings on the This Machine Kills track (his old band), and there's even a His Hero Is Gone track called "Fool's Gold." I hope you like it!"

Still, whether it fits into an A-Trak playlist or not is hardly as important as the fact that it works so well as one cohesive mix of important hardcore tracks spanning '80s forefathers, youth crew, D-beat and '90s post-hardcore. If you're trying to teach a friend that "hardcore" is so much more than that Alexisonfire album they're obsessed with, this is a pretty good place to start.

If you want to hear what Congorock is up to himself, you can download his other new mixtape, Keep Watch, here.

Foolcast #2: The Furious Year tracklisting:

1. Minor Threat "In My Eyes"
2. Husker Du "Real World"
3. Dead Kennedys "Nazi Punks Fuck Off"
4. Fugazi "Do You Like Me"
5. Bad Brains "Pay To Cum"
6. Black Flag "My War"
7. Discharge "Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing"
8. Gorilla Biscuits "Stand Still"
9. Born Against "Shroud"
10. Rhythm Collision "Hippie Now"
11. Doom "Police Bastard"
12. Avail "On The Nod"
13. Acme "Blind"
14. His Hero Is Gone "Scare Tactic / Fool's Gold"
15. Los Crudos "Tiempos De La Miseria"
16. Swing Kids "El Camino Carcrash"
17. Integrity "Systems Overloading"
18. Page 99 "In Love With An Apparition"
19. Cripple Bastards "A Dispetto Della Discrezione"
20. Earth Crisis "Firestorm"
21. This Machine Kills "Take Back The Night"
22. Death Of Anna Karina "The Infection"
23. La Quiete "Il Destino Di Un Ombrello"
24. In/Humanity "Occultonomy"
25. Negazione "Tutti Pazzi"