Depth Over Distance EP

ConforceDepth Over Distance EP
The more material that Conforce releases, the more he becomes reminiscent of Detroit outfit Drexciya. Both acts delve into dark, immersive tunnels of tracks with hallucinogenic flutters coating the walls, as the listener is slowly transported somewhere wholly alien. Not only that, but the two seem to have firmly adopted an aquatic aesthetic. But where Drexciya have created an entire world for their nautical narrative, Conforce subtly weaves underwater elements into his tracks, such as those heard on "Plateau," a song that sounds like a quick and curious submarine, driven by a tumbling bass-line and an infectious sonar-esque clang.

This is the only track that fully adopts Conforce's usual cocktail of equal parts ambient, dub and techno. Elsewhere, title track "Depth Over Distance" leans far more to the glitch-techno side of things, while "Rendez-Vous" is a cold menace that has abandoned the playful dub on some icy tundra. That only leaves "Closer," the closing track, on which Conforce exits in a fog of sombre ambience, leaving plenty of time to reflect on the journey past. (Delsin)
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