Company Flow/Cannibal Ox Defjux

I wasn't impressed with Company Flow's last release, the completely instrumental Little Johnny From The Hospitul. They were less interesting than the beats they usually choose to rhyme over. Since then, Co. Flow has experienced a few changes. Bigg Jus is not longer a member of the group, and they are no longer working with Rawkus Records, as the label continues to sell-out for the almighty buck. Instead, they have started their own label, Defjux, and are in the process of releasing some fantastic music. One of the first releases from Defjux is a five-song EP (plus instrumentals) that features three tracks from Company Flow and two from Cannibal Ox. The beats are amazing, building on what El-P and Mr. Len created for Funcrusher Plus, but so much more evolved. "DPA (as seen on TV)" is a hype track with a number of change-ups while "Simain D," with Non Phixion's Ill Bill, and "Simple" are close behind in quality. Vordul (from whom Anticon head-man Sole claims El-P bit his style) and Vast Aire come with a more decipherable punch line-heavy style on their two tracks: "Iron Galaxy" and "Straight Off the D.I.C." It's nice to listen to an EP where it's hard to pick the best track because they're all top-notch, but Defjux has accomplished just that. (Def Jux)