Get Down Get Together

CommunismGet Down Get Together
If you're in tune with the Toronto music scene, Don Kerr is probably a familiar name to you. If not, now's your chance to get familiar, as the legendary producer and multi-instrumentalist has returned with a three-piece alt-rock band called Communism, which is made up of Kerr and fellow Toronto-based musicians Kevin Lacroix and Paul Linklater
Their 10-track debut album, Get Down Get Together, is an easy and often energizing listen. The album is described as "brash, bold, political, and personal," and from the first song, "Take Care of Each Other," the band are catchy and powerful, delivering bright guitars, funky bass lines and Kerr's raw vocals belting soulful lyrics. It's a combination of sound that grips the listener almost immediately.
With a recurring theme of community, human connection and "taking care of each other," Get Down Get Together is an album you'll want to listen to on repeat — at home, on your commute, and especially live, which you can do at one of the band's multiple upcoming live shows in Toronto throughout the fall. (Zunior)
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