Common Downplays Feud with Drake

Common Downplays Feud with Drake
So far, perhaps the most buzz-about feud of 2012 has been between Drake and Common, who traded lyrical jabs and prompted the Weeknd to compare Common to "someone's drunk uncle." Well, evidently no one's taking the war of words too personally, as Common has now complimented Drake's music.

The rapper told Rolling Stone, "I think he makes good music. He's definitely said some real clever things and made some cool songs. I like his music."

Common continued, "I don't think I had anything to prove. I just felt like somebody stepped and challenged me, so I had to step into the ring. He said some things that I thought were directed at me, so I had to address it back."

That's very reasonable of him. Of course, we have to admit that it was a whole lot more entertaining when he was spitting insults like "Canada Dry" and calling Drake an "amateur."

Then again, the war of words might not be totally over just yet, since Common promised to retaliate if Drake continues to rap about him.

"If something else happens," said the hip-hop veteran, "then I'll just have to act accordingly. But right now, I feel like, man, I said what I needed to say about this situation on record."

But fans needn't worry that tensions will escalate.

"It's nothing like, 'Oh man, it's so personal,'" the MC said. "It's just the art of rhyming, man. The art of rhyming!"

Hey, if it means more rhymes, then we hope this battle continues.