Common Debunks 'Cruel Winter' Rumours

Common Debunks 'Cruel Winter' Rumours
Ever since Cruel Summer arrived last year, rumours have circulated that Kanye West and his G.O.O.D. Music crew were plotting a followup compilation called Cruel Winter. It turns out that all this speculation may have been for naught, since Common has claimed that the album doesn't exist.

Speaking with Vulture, the rapper said, "I don't think that's happening. It was more of a rumor — cats been creating, but everybody's been doing their solo album. So that's what that is."

This contradicts various reports that Cruel Winter is in the works; for example, John Legend told Rolling Stone that he had written some hooks for the album. That said, we're inclined to take Common at his word here. After all, if Cruel Winter were going to arrive in its titular season, it would need to come out within the next two months, which seems like an awfully tight timeline.

You might remember that Cruel Winter was previously teased with a trailer that turned out to be fake.

Cruel Summer was greeted with lukewarm reviews, so perhaps it's for the best that the talented folks involved with G.O.O.D. Music focus on their own music.