Comet Gain Look Back On Last Ten Years With New Comp

Comet Gain Look Back On Last Ten Years With New Comp
When taking in the recent surge of the indie pop 2.0 bands (i.e., Crystal Stilts, Vivian Girls, caUSE co-MOTION!, the Pains of Being Pure at Heart), it's hard not to hear the repeated influence of Britain's Comet Gain, the long-running, endearingly shambolic lo-fi pop act. It's rather fitting then that nearly two decades into the band's career they're now receiving a retrospective of sorts, by way of the odds'n'sods comp Broken Record Prayers.

After being released in the UK last fall, New York imprint What's Your Rupture? will give Comet Gain's 20-track collection a proper North American release on March 24, letting listeners in on "A&B sides, new songs, session tracks and stray dogs," not to mention one of the most grossly under-appreciated bands around.

For better or worse, Broken Record Prayers doesn't cover Comet Gain's entire career, but rather picks up on tracks from 1998 onward - in other words, after front-man David Charlie Feck remained the only original member standing amongst a revolving cast of backing players. Yet even with the band's first half-dozen years excluded, the comp comes boasting a hefty 20 tracks and a good 74 minutes of jangle, which should give followers more than enough to chew on as they continue to wait for Comet Gain's next album proper.

Here's the tracklist for Broken Record Prayers:

1. "Jack Nance Hair" "
2. "You Can Hide Your Love Forever" "
3. "Young Lions" "
4. "If I Had a Soul" "
5. "Brothers Off the Block"
6. "Beautiful Despair"
7. "Love Without Lies"
8. "Hard Times"
9. "If You Ever Walk out of My Life"
10. "Books of California"
11. "Look at You Now (You're Crying)"
12. "Mainlining Mystery"
13. "Asleep on the Snow"
14. "Beatnik"
15. "He Walked by Nite"
16. "Orwell Liberty Dance"
17. "Emotion Pictures"
18. "Tighten Up!"
19. "Germ of Youth Part II"
20. "Record Prayer"

Comet Gain "Love Without Lies"