Come On New York City 1976-80

One of the lesser known unsung bands of the late '70s punk scene, Come On was a band light years ahead of their time. Like Devo and Talking Heads, this band took high art aesthetic and lo-fi twang and melded it with a simple pop sensibility to create what had to be some of the most daring, interesting and innovative music of its time, or any other for that matter. Largely ignored and overlooked, except in their native NYC, it would be nice to think this 16-track collection of their single, some demo material and a 1978 live set from CBGB could open them up to a whole new fan base. Newer bands like Sonic Youth, as well as established cutting edge artists like Brian Eno and Richard Hell have all sung the praises of Come On. Now it's time for everyone else to get turned on. (Heliocentric)