Combichrist Everybody Hates You

Despite being Andy LaPlegua’s third musical project on the go, this crassly flippant release proves he is not wearing himself too thin. The Icon of Coil front man delivers an unexpectedly aggressive and captivating brand of EBM here, with an impressive level of originality behind most tracks. Sure LaPlegua’s attempts are sometimes a little too cheesy, be it the voices in your head via "Blut Royale” or the serial killer homage "God Bless,” but he more than makes up for it through the rest of the album. "This Is My Rifle,” for example, offers a well-mixed satirical take on American military mentality, blending samples from Full Metal Jacket with feral dance beats. In fact, the majority of the album is ideal for club play, with "This S*it Will Fcuk You Up,” "Happy Fcuking Birthday” and "Like to Thank My Buddies” being some of the best examples of LaPlegua’s electro-fury. This is a savagely fun electronic sound for lovers of savagely fun electronic music. (Metropolis)