Comas A Def Needle In Tomorrow

Musically, 2000 was a year where the best music was slow, emotional and pretty. But with so many people making music that was fairly similar, it took a certain amount of imagination to come up with new terms to describe the end product; the Comas decided on somnambulist pop. Their sleepy, moody music does crawl along at a far from speedy pace. In the past, they've avoided tempo at any cost, but these days there is an element of urgency in some songs. There are even moments when they recruit a drum machine and, hopefully, they will learn from their mistakes. That's because when they do try to kick it up a notch (it's relative of course), it doesn't sound persuasive at all; they should stick with their strengths and what they know best. And you'll know when that is because the songs that hint towards the likes of Yo La Tengo and Galaxie 500, particularly when they let either of the girls sing, those moments are almost worth the price of admission, almost. Despite having a handful of good songs, A Def Needle In Tomorrow is one of those records that you might admire but you don't end up listening to very often. (Yep Roc)