Colour Revolt Plunder, Beg and Curse

The long awaited full-length from everyone’s favourite opening band is finally seeing the light of day. Produced by Clay Jones (Elvis Costello), the same producer who did them such a good turn on their debut EP (released back in 2006), the band have been touring as an opening act for Brand New, Dinosaur Jr. and Black Lips (just to name a few) for the past two years and have garnered quite the following for their memorable live performances. Now on Plunder, Beg and Curse, they have finally managed to take their monster ideas and slap them onto focused, yet imaginative, recordings, which most definitely looks like their ticket into the headliner’s shoes. Songs like "Elegant View” and "Naked and Red” have a huge Modest Mouse influence, but the vocals and twisted lyrics save CR from becoming Isaac Brook impersonators. The melancholy guitar soloing on "See It” further distances them from MM and aligns them more with Radiohead. But while this constant confusion as to just who exactly they sound like boggles your mind, you’ll end up enjoying the experimental rock songs and by the end of the colourful album, you’ll just accept that Oxford, MI’s Colour Revolt have a sound tainted by others yet entirely their own. (Fat Possum)