Cologne Duo COMA Prepare Album for Kompakt

Cologne Duo COMA Prepare Album for Kompakt
After a series of 12-inch releases since 2009, Cologne-based duo COMA (aka Georg Conrad and Marius Bubat) have completed work on their debut longplayer for Kompakt.

The record is called In Technicolor, which is a nod to the duo's newfound appreciation for adding pop structures to their techno compositions.

In a press release, they expand on that notion, saying, "Where our previous releases were kind of mirroring a foggy black and white movie, this is definitely a colour film... our attempt at fusing diverse sounds in a more vivid manner, without falling prey to boring club conventions restricting the expressiveness of the music."

Kompakt will issue In Technicolor on April 15. For now, you can stream opening track "Hoooooray" below.

In Technicolor:

1. Hoooooray
2. Maybach
3. Cycle
4. Les Dilettantes
5. Missing Piece
6. #
7. Out Of Control
8. My Orbit
9. The Great Escape
10. maximal MINIMAL
11. Scales
12. T.E.D.