Collected Animals CAmpp

Collected Animals <i>CAmpp</i>
If you're still dissecting just how Animal Collective managed to pull off the brilliant Merriweather Post Pavilion, well, good luck. But somehow, months before its January release, a bunch of talented fans managed to string together cover versions of every single song on the album. According to the host site, Blind Man's Colour, each track was recorded purely based on hearing the music performed live. Reads the post: "for those of you who are fans of Animal Collective, I did three covers of their recent songs ("In the Flowers," "Taste," "Brothersport") that have only been played live for now on the upcoming album, Merriweather Post Pavilion , as well, other members of the ac forum came together to cover all 11 songs." Give them an A-plus for effort, as the end result is nothing short of what you'd expect AC's demos of the album to sound like: rougher, lo-fi versions littered with junk-shop acoustic and electronic instruments that stay dedicated to the source material. It's a remarkable feat. Shame none of the musicians involved were named.

Collected Animals "Summertime Clothes"

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