Collapsing Cities "Fear of Opening My Mouth"/"So I Said Last Weekend"

Collapsing Cities "Fear of Opening My Mouth"/"So I Said Last Weekend"
I don't know what it is about rock’n’roll bands these days but for some reason it’s becoming almost impossible to write a second great song. Oh, that first single is always brilliant, isn’t it? But in the MySpace and file-sharing age, when music is so utterly disposable, the likelihood of discovering a diamond in the rough is as trying a job as the literal sense is. In England, of all places, no less.

From London-by-way-of-New-Zealand (y’know, to actually make a go of it), Collapsing Cities are your favourite indie rock bands rolled into one adept, finely tuned machine. And I mean that. It’s tough not to hear the glossy post-post-punk interplay and puffed up beats of Franz Ferdinand ("In the Valley”), a sober take on the early ’90s line-up of the Fall ("Elixir Always”), the brooding one-string riffing anthems of Interpol ("Fear of Opening My Mouth”) and the reckless abandon of the Cribs ("So I Said Last Weekend”). I must admit, someone at the Guardian went on and on about how they sound like Pavement, but that I actually don’t hear.

But despite hearing all of those other artists within this one, Collapsing Cities channel these possible influences with exquisite control and finesse. The fact that they have at least four exceptional songs in them (new album Elixir Always hasn’t yet left the land of Kiwi), proves, well, according to my math, that they’re at least four times the band most bands are. And on top of that one of those songs is "Fear of Opening My Mouth,” not only one of the year’s best singles to strike these ears, but also the home to the best lyric of the year: "If I'm still a telemarketer next year, I think I'll end my life.” Ain't that the truth.

Collapsing Cities "Fear of Opening My Mouth”

Collapsing Cities "So I Said Last Weekend”