Colin Farrell to Play Ozzy Osbourne in Biopic?

Colin Farrell to Play Ozzy Osbourne in Biopic?
Ozzy Osbourne recently revealed that Johnny Depp was all set to play the Prince of Darkness in a biopic back in 2003, before the Ozzman broke his neck on a quad bike and all movie plans got shelved. Ozzy later confusingly said he doesn't want "a Johnny Depp or someone from the Hobbit films" playing him. Well, he may get his wish, as the rumour mill is swirling with the news that Colin Farrell will be taking the role.

When making the above anti-Depp comment, Osbourne expressed his desire to have an unknown native from his hometown of Birmingham play him, but instead got the Crazy Heart star, who is 27 years Osbourne's junior. But it's apparently still unconfirmed - according to a Colin Farrell fan site, nothing has been set in stone with the actor.

Apparently, this all comes down to a story in the Irish Central, which stated in its headline that Farrell was to play Osbourne, but says in the story that Farrell is merely the "ideal choice" for Paramount Pictures and MTV Films.

It's no surprise the shelved Osbourne biopic is now seeing some action, as the legendary ex-Black Sabbath vocalist recently released his memoir, I Am Ozzy.

In other Osbourne news, the long-partying rocker recently became a lab rat. Oh, and he released his tenth album, Scream, last month.