Coldplay: The Musical Equivalent of NyQuil

Coldplay: The Musical Equivalent of NyQuil
It’s official: Coldplay will make you fall asleep. In a recent survey by hotel chain Travelodge, the Chris Martin-fronted anti-rockers topped a poll of music choices to help you get some Zs.

Other artists chosen by surveyed Brits for their Benadryl-like, slumber-inducing qualities were James Blunt, Snow Patrol, Take That and Norah Jones. But apparently none were as bedtime friendly, i.e. dull, as Coldplay.

"The research shows that we are increasingly relying on slow, sleepy music and unchallenging books to take our minds off the pressures of modern living, to help us switch off and get to sleep at night", said Travelodge spokesperson Leigh McCarron in a statement. "Coldplay seem to hit just the right spot among Britain's insomniacs." The poll also found that if you choose "unchallenging” words over music to help yourself get tucked in, autobiographies by celebrities, such as breast implant-enhanced model Jordan, David Beckham and Ozzie’s main squeeze Sharon Osbourne, topped the list.

The study polled 2,248 people across the UK and once again proved that we have nothing better to do than waste our time on pointless studies — and reading about them.

Coldplay "Fix You”