Coldplay Live 2003

After proving themselves with last year’s monstrously successful A Rush of Blood to the Head, Coldplay have managed to fit in a live album before they begin recording their third, career-changing full-length. Live 2003 is everything sceptics of live recordings could ask for to make them believers. Known as playful and lovable performers, Coldplay’s celebrated live show receives perfect treatment. Beginning with their heart-stopping opener "Politik,” it plays like a proper album should. Not too many singles are represented, with only "In My Place,” "Clocks,” "Shiver” and a much improved version of the mega-hit "Yellow.” Filling in the remainder are essential album tracks such as the moving "Everything’s Not Lost” and set closer "Amsterdam” and most importantly, some rarities casual fans may not be aware of. B-side "One I Love” has become the rocking part of their set list, as well as the new and unreleased Gwyneth tribute, "Moses,” a treat for anyone anticipating new material. The band even digs up an oldie from their debut Blue Room EP, "See You Soon,” to show they’re still interested in showing their roots. The only complaint is the absence of their two big ballads, "Trouble” and "The Scientist,” but hardcore fans who go for the DVD option of the album can find those as well as a few more tracks. (Capitol)