Coldplay "Christmas Lights"

Coldplay 'Christmas Lights'
As promised, Coldplay have just released their new Christmas single, "Christmas Lights." And as promised, by the virtue of it being a Coldplay song, it's a high-budget ballad built on piano-driven lite-rock and Chris Martin's nice guy vocalizing.

 The track opens with some dainty piano and Martin's singing, and slowly builds to eventually include drums, acoustic guitars, backing vocals and orchestral instruments without getting much louder. In fact, when it reaches its sing-along climax near the middle, the song somehow sounds just as quiet as when it started. The plus side is that your mom's favourite band will get her in the Christmas spirit as soon as she hears this shit. Get baking, mom!

Coldplay's "Christmas Lights" can be heard below accompanied by a high budget music video.