Is This Where They Found You?

ColdfrontIs This Where They Found You?
Coldfront's latest EP, Is This Where They Found You?, takes a detour from the sugary pop punk that has become their standard of late, and bursts out of the gates sounding more urgent and aggressive than before. Although a few of the subtleties found on 2014's Some Things Never Change are lost here, they're made up for with punchy, memorable hooks.
"Shed Light" finds Thomas Stewart's half-yell morphing into full-blown screams in the choruses, adding additional punch to the already-brisk pacing of the restless power chords that dominate the track. "Molly Blooms" and "Up" are both carried in the verse lines by upbeat, bouncy riffing; the latter, the most balanced song on the EP, switches gears halfway to a subdued and densely layered conclusion.
In making the decision to build on their strengths, Coldfront have put forward a concise and hard-hitting set of songs that serve as a breath of fresh air for fans of the genre. (New Damage)
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