The Cold Beat / Movers and Shakers The Cold Beat / Movers and Shakers

There's some sort of wonderful movement afoot in the basements of America. Kids that grew up listening to bands like the Get Up Kids and Weezer have slowly started discovering the Replacements and Superchunk, and the result is a swell of bands learning the '90s alt-rock ropes with an enthusiasm that waned when the first generation influenced by Westerberg and co. moved on to make electronic music, or something. The Cold Beat and Movers and Shakers both clearly fall into this new category, playing Buffalo Tom-inspired, punk-ish rock'n'roll like it never went out of style. Both hailing from Boston, each band offer a unique sound, easy comparisons aside. The Cold Beat hit slow and deliberate, with their two songs mimicking the barroom swagger of a raised-on-punk Drive-By Truckers. Movers and Shakers' more energetic side hints at a fondness for Midwestern emo, trading technicality for a welcome '90s rock edge. Particularly on the split's stand out, "Movin' On," this is a record that promises cool things from both Boston-bred bands. Oh, and they paid for the record by shovelling snow in Beacon Hill. Punx. (Independent)