Coffinworm When All Became None

Hot on the heels of 2009 demo Great Bringer Of Night, Indianapolis blackened death/sludge solicitors Coffinworm issue yet another shot of dichotomous metal on When All Became None, with the album's six songs refusing to end before embracing virtually every one of the band's beloved extreme music categories. While their expediency in delivering a new effort is admirable, it does feel rushed. Much of this album offers little more than overwrought simplicity, feeling sort of cryptic and foreboding (which at least supports their overall intent), but there's not enough going on to justify a "short" track clocking in at almost six minutes. Awesome as their solid, detuned chug riffs are, especially when flexed under those wonderfully garbage-y black metal vocals, one can only dine on raw ingredients for so long before needing to taste the finished product. Here's hoping they fully cook the next batch. (Profound Lore)