Cody Stillpoint Primer

England's Cody has never been completely convincing during their career as a singles band. Their various releases up until now have seemed kind of awkward, although there was something that would keep you coming back for more. But with the release of their debut album, things have really come together and they have gone far beyond my expectations. Stillpoint Primer somehow manages to be one of the few electronic albums that isn't really an electronic album - there's enough guitars and other wide-ranging influences to make sure that it defies simple categorisation. For every more obvious influence such as New Order and Stereolab, there's something a little bit more unusual like Broadcast and some other Shinkansen bands, including Tompot Blenny and Trembling Blue Stars. There's even a spot of My Bloody Valentine on "Ideas Are Allies" where the proceedings are dominated by fuzzed out guitars. For the most part, though, the songs are moody, dreamy and melancholy. With only one track clocking in at under five minutes, there is plenty of scope for the songs to build up slowly or to take extended excursions where layer after layer of music swirl around to wonderful effect. The vocals unobtrusively move in and out of the songs, softly spoken but always literate and listenable. This is a captivating, lovely album that will charm everyone who is fortunate enough to hear it. Just make sure that you are among what will hopefully not be too exclusive a group. (Shinkansen)