Code Pie This Habit

For the last little while now, it has been an interesting time within the Montreal music scene. Bands are somewhat influenced by one another, but at the same time each seem to have formed their own proper sound. Such is the case of six-piece band Code Pie, a name that came from a term used by computer and web programmers even though their sound is by no means electronic or computer generated. In fact, one could make a generalisation and call it pop/rock” but that wouldn’t completely do it proper justice. The music to the opening track "Bang” is a mixture of one part Mogwai, one part Do Make Say Think, and one part Broken Social Scene. Their sound is uniquely crafted and chock full of goodies that have been assembled by the use of a cello, a trumpet, a Casio, two guitars, percussion, and a six-string bass. Other noteworthy tracks on this debut album are "Rushin’,” "Laundry List” and "A Round for the Boys”. "I keep adding and adding and adding until I get something I like” is a line spoken at the beginning of "Ah Well” that in some way sums up what these tracks are about. It’s a heart-wrenching blend of sounds that come together in a way that just feels right. (Flagless)