Code Pie This Habit

There has got to be something floating around the St. Lawrence River, as it seems another Montreal band have definitely created a sunny, lush and smart debut to hopefully stun the country. Creating a sound wonderfully similar to the indie rock soundscapes currently being done by such bands as Architecture in Helsinki, Broken Social Scene and even Arcade Fire, Code Pie find the perfect balance between conventional melody and light instrumental statements. There are very few missteps found here, as the band’s masterful use of luminous trumpets, strings and front-man Enzo Palermo’s affecting vocals truly will get the kids dancing and whirling. Even better is the fact that this lush debut was seemingly recorded for about 700 dollars. Great moments abound here, with the dazzling rave-up ending "Cement Truck,” the quick and jaunty "Gala” and the sweetly epic "A Round for the Boys” all vying for required listening. Actually, there can be almost no rating of songs here as they all inspire in their own splendid way, allowing one to float away on the stunning melodies and sounds. A very appropriate title for an album, This Habit is definitely one that even the most cold hearted of listeners will get addicted too. (Flagless)