Cobra Verde Nightlife

It’s been five years since Cobra Verde’s last proper album, and changes have definitely come over the band since then. Playing backup as the GBV band (to whom they lost master of riffs Doug Gillard) on their Mag Earwhig! record and tour, kept CV busy for awhile, but they are back with a bang on Nightlife. Less sludge is prevalent on this new offering, which brings a new style to every track. Huey Lewis-like sax-rock spews forth on “What Makes A Man A Man,” and their new grasp on glam bleeds through on cuts like “Casino.” Vocalist John Petkovic is wearing his leopard-print pants proudly and they have proved to fit okay. Overall, I’m not sure I’m sold on the whole new look, but the album stands up well on the music side of things. (Motel)