Coastal Music Words Music

Coastal Music delivers ultra mellow emotional rock music with vocals so low that they are almost set to a whisper. Though there is nothing wrong with slow emotional rock, each and every track is set to the exact same marmalade thick tempo. It would have been nice if there were some faster, more upbeat songs to better appreciate the slow emotional haze these artists float in. In fact, that is when these songs have the most impact. Track after track of the same left me feeling numb, which is a shame because it is splendid. Can you picture a movie where every scene is intensely emotional and melancholic? Sooner or later you lose the point. Yet Jason and Luisa Gough have very sweet voices that are set to dreamy pop instruments. Perhaps for those with endurance who want an extended emotional ride - an Orient Express through fragile feelings - this might be exactly what you're looking for. (Independent)