Coarse Language "Given the Odds" (video)

Coarse Language 'Given the Odds' (video)
Toronto pop punk unit Teenanger just dropped their Exclaim!-approved latest effort E P L P earlier this month, but band member Jon Schouten already has another project underway.

Inspired by a dismal stay in Berlin, Coarse Language is his electronic solo project, and he's just unveiled the debut video for "Given the Odds." Schouten sums up a particularly bad night in Berlin as follows: "I'm in search of the Wiemar Republic of my dreams (and most people's nightmares). I want filth. I want to be filth. By 5am, I'm still spotless. How lame."

Clocking in at nearly seven minutes, the clip is an over-stimulating mishmash of rainbow pixels. The onslaught of colourful, constantly changing imagery is paired with the urgent, synth-heavy track that could have soundtracked a trip to Berlin in '32 or '88 "or whatever year it was when a man in a cape named Gottlieb introduced me to his 50 neo-nazi boyfriends at a loft in Schöneber."

To find out what that looks and sounds like, hit play below.

The track comes from Coarse Language's Definite Hiatus EP, which you can pick up on Bandcamp here.