Coachwhips Treat 'Bangers Vs. Fuckers' to Vinyl Reissue

Coachwhips Treat 'Bangers Vs. Fuckers' to Vinyl Reissue
The back catalogue of John Dwyer's pre-Thee Oh Sees garage punk band Coachwhips is getting another boost, with news that the California unit's Bangers Vs. Fuckers has been remastered for an upcoming vinyl re-release.

Originally issued back in 2003 via Narnack Records, Dwyer's own Castle Face imprint will serve up the reissue on April 20. The collection was remastered at 45 RPM by Weasel Walter (the Flying Luttenbachers), who had tracked the original sessions. In addition to the sonic touch-up, the record's super smoochy animal artwork has been "nursed...back to health."

There are no additional tracks being grafted onto this latest edition of Bangers Vs. Fuckers, but you can sample the massive sounding remaster of raucous, in-the-red album opener "You Gonna Get It" down below.

The upcoming reissue follows Castle Face's repress of Coachwhips' debut disc Hands on the Controls in 2013 and last year's repress of Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine. While the band had got back together last year for reunion gigs, there seemingly aren't any plans to get Coachwhips back on stage any time soon.

Bangers Vs. Fuckers:

1. You Gonna Get It

2. Extinguish Me

3. I Knew Her, She Knew Me

4. Purse Peeking

5. Dancefloor, Bathroom

6. I Drank What?

7. Evil Son

8. Thee Alarm

9. Recline, Recline

10. Harlow's Muscle of Love

11. Goodnight, Goodbuy