Co La Unveils 'No No' Album

Co La Unveils 'No No' Album
Baltimore electronic explorer Matthew Papich has been building up a discography under the name Co La, and now he's readying his latest full-length. It's called No No and it's coming out on October 9.

No No features a blend of Baltimore club music and found sound sampling. According to a press release, the album is "a reflection of Papich's interest in the never ending psycho-drama that is the American news cycle (f5 syndrome), blanketed with a style of auditory/performative humor that operates as a coping strategy, a modifier for an otherwise oblique sonic world."

That's the 11-song tracklist below. Scroll past that to hear the abstract electronic experiment "Suffering (Tuesday)," which is a freaky collage of computerized beats, bloopy synths and seemingly random sound samples. There's an accompanying animated visualizer that features the spinning album logo along with ever-changing reflections.

The album will be a co-release through 1080p (which is issuing the cassette) and Software (which will handle other formats). Tapes are available to pre-order here.

No No:

1. Squeeze
2. Shrink
3. Gush
4. No No
5. Noon (Blue)
6. Suffering (Tuesday)
7. Barricade
8. Crank
9. Tragedy
10. Fear
11. I Comb My Hair (bonus track)