Clutch Pure Rock Fury

If there is one thing you can always count on with a new Clutch album, it is that it will definitely not be a rehash of their previous one. While many bands are happy to make solid, yet similar records every time out Clutch simply are not ready to sit on their laurels and do the same thing over again. So, having said that, it comes as no surprise that Pure Rock Fury is another in a long line of original and impressive albums by this Maryland quartet. Whether the band is playing a straight out rocker, like the album's title track, or doing a funky piece with rapped vocals, like "Careful With That Mic...," they constantly surprise and impress with every song and are truly one of the very few major label heavy bands out of the U.S. worthy of attention. Guest spots on the record by Spirit Caravan's Wino and Mountain's Leslie West are extra icing on the cake, as is the live version of "Spacegrass" at the end of the CD and the CD-Rom live footage. (Atlantic)