Cloudsmen The Cloudsmen

Ontario’s the Cloudsmen are an unabashed pop band with a real ear for a good tune. Their mix of power-pop with a bit of psychedelia thrown in for good measure is similar to the kind of thing that either Rainbow Quartz or Not Lame have been putting out over the past 12 months. Of course, it does help that the folks involved in the Cloudsmen have previously been members of the likes of the Nines, Paper Airplane Company and Flux A.D. meaning that there is a lot of power-pop experience on hand. It also helps that Aaron Neilsen’s vocals have a real touch of Paul McCartney about them, something that gives them a certain amount of pedigree to unsuspecting ears. The resultant eight songs are catchy and full of the kind of hooks and harmonies beloved by the Posies and their ilk. Add to that a cover of Argent’s "Hold Your Head Up,” and the result is a surprisingly strong, albeit somewhat short album whose songs will stick in your head long after the CD stops spinning. (Independent)