Cloudland Canyon Return with Fin Eaves

Cloudland Canyon Return with <i>Fin Eaves</i>
Modern Krautrockers Cloudland Canyon impressed us with their 2008 effort, Lie in Light, but have remained relatively quiet since. Original collaborator Simon Wojan is now a full-time member of King Khan and the Shrines, so Kip Uhorn is holding down the Cloudland Canyon fort with new recruits Kelly Winkler and Aaron Worcester. And to go along with that new lineup, the band have prepared a new album for our enjoyment.

The record is called Fin Eaves and will come out September 7 via Holy Mountain. According to a press release, the album features "big, unavoidable pop hooks clawing their way out of a pulsating, throbbing thickness of guitar, bass, who-knows-what-type-of-effects and understated but omnipresent drumming."

Album tracks "Hope Sounds Dry" and "Mothlight Pt. 2" are currently available for streaming on the band's MySpace page.

Fin Eaves:

1. "No One Else Around"
2. "Fin Eaves"
3. "Sister"
4. "Gracious Hearts"
5. "Mothlight Pt.2"
6. "Pinklike"
7. "Hope Sounds Dry"
8. "Yellow Echoezs"
9. "Mothlight Pt.2 (reprise)"