Cloud Room The Cloud Room

New York City’s surplus of ’80s inspired bands is quickly rivalling bagels, frenzied cab drivers and big apples as one of its best-known attributes. The Cloud Room are the latest bunch to make a name in their fair city, and like Ambulance Ltd did last year, they look to a range of influences for a plan. Their sound is very sleek, stylish and full of pep that rarely goes missing, but at the same time, they get a little too eager to please, including everything that’s cool in rock music right now. Bloc Party’s dramatic stop-starts and pristine guitar effects drive "The Hunger,” while "Blackout!” finds singer J mimicking James Murphy for some free-range howling to a feisty rhythm section that wouldn’t sound out of place on a rough LCD Soundsystem demo. This isn’t an a scarlet-coloured accusation; the Cloud Room have some ace numbers like the askew "Hey Now Now” and "Devoured in Peace,” which treads some gloriously epic terrain. Perhaps for their next one though they should do a little brainstorming in isolation than inside their local indie record shop. (Gigantic)