Cloud Nothings Side-Project Total Babes Unveil Debut LP

Cloud Nothings Side-Project Total Babes Unveil Debut LP
Cleveland, OH-based rockers Jayson Gerycz and Joe Boyer are already making waves as members of the buzz-worthy band Cloud Nothings. Now, they're hoping to have the same success with their new side-project Total Babes.

On August 30, the four-piece, which also features Chris Brown and Gary Spolarich, will release their debut full-length, Swimming Through Sunlight via Old Flame/Continental Mind. That's the album cover above, and yes, that really is a brontosaurus eating a massive ice cream cone.

Before the vinyl drops, Old Flame will ship a limited-edition cassette version of Swimming Through Sunlight later this month. Pre-order over at the label's store, and give a listen to the brittle, punky "Like They Always Do" at the bottom of this page.

Total Babes have a handful of U.S. dates coming up this month, but there is no word as to whether they will be coming to Canada anytime soon. See the schedule below.

Tour dates:

6/19 New York, NY - Pianos
6/20 Brooklyn, NY - Death By Audio
6/21 Philadelphia, PA - Kung Fu Necktie
6/23 Brooklyn, NY - Public Assembly
6/24 Cleveland, OH - Happy Dog

Total Babes-Like They Always Do by Old Flame Records