Closer Than Kin The Machineries Of Breath

Boston's Closer Than Kin definitely have a good thing going on, and while the band is a bit rough around the edges, The Machineries Of Breath shows a lot of promise. Harnessing a sound that reminds one of Death By Stereo, Closer Than Kin play fast hardcore that isn't afraid of a bit of melody now and then. For the most part, this is pretty mosh pit-ready stuff though, with a highlight being the very cool deep melodic singing that creeps in now and again, a trait that also helps Death By Stereo stand out above the pack. The songs tend to drag on too long, and the album as a whole becomes tiring pretty fast; streamline this down a bit and it would be much more enjoyable. Closer Than Kin would fit in well on Epitaph's diverse roster. (Arctic)