The Clone Frailty

Using the term "frail” to describe metal-influenced hardcore seems more emotive than throwdown. Yet with their second album, New Jersey’s the Clone feel the isolation and desperation unearthed in these 12 songs reveals their fragile nature. Unfortunately, despite the inevitably furious pace, throaty vocals and crunchy guitars, the album fails to build upon what their acclaimed debut, Each Breath Haunted, achieved. Not that it’s a step backwards but more a shuffling of their metalcore feet. The same Hatebreed atmosphere pervades everything, albeit with more of a squealing vocal attack, as opposed to Jamey Jasta’s roar. This results in the sentiment that Frailty is a stable work but not a crucial addition to one’s catalogue. Instead of being the support beam of metalcore, it’s just another rivet, an element of the overall structure. And were it to pop out, most probably wouldn’t notice.