Cloak/Dagger Lost Art

Cloak/DaggerLost Art
Firstly, Jade Tree is still releasing new records? Rad. Secondly, Cloak/Dagger rule, and Lost Art is their very-anticipated follow-up to 2007's We Are. After the critical shitstorm of people being stoked on We Are, expectations were certainly high for this record. Thankfully, it's all kinds of awesome, continuing to deliver on the band's mix of first-wave punk catchiness and early hardcore aggression. You can hear everything from "White Riot" to "Pay To Cum" whipping around inside songs like "Don't Need A" and "Eyes on the Walls," with the band matching the intensity of their idols in a way that succeeds beyond simple admiration. With Lost Art, Cloak/Dagger have made a precise sonic statement, and it's good. (Jade Tree)