clipping. "Story 2" (video)

clipping. 'Story 2' (video)
A minimalist new video from conceptual Los Angeles rap crew clipping. builds up tension via the pitter-patter of feet and paranoia-laced bars. You'll find the haunting "Story 2," pulled from the band's CLPPNG LP, down below.

Everything's chill up front, with a close-up shot of sneakers hitting the pavement synching up with a late-night story about a guy contemplating his career. Steadily, however, his thoughts stumble into scarier territory as he treads along highway strips and underground parking lots trying to piece together why he recognizes a banged-up vehicle or why a babysitter at his place isn't answering her phone. A panicked blur closes things out, with the obscured star running home as fast as he can.

You can discover the traumatic results of the story down below.