Clinic "Miss You" (Peaking Lights remix)

Clinic 'Miss You' (Peaking Lights remix)
Off-kilter UK combo Clinic issued their seventh LP, Free Reign, today (November 13) and are celebrating the release with a long-form remix of the album's first single "Miss You" courtesy of Peaking Lights.

Aside from the added run time, Peaking Lights' rework adds a bongo-heavy intro before dipping into the rest of the spacey, Kraut-jazz slow jam. In general, it plays a little hazier, with echoey vocals cascading through the back end, as opposed to the sonic shitstorm conjured by the original.

Check it out below.

Also, don't forget that Peaking Lights have a remix set of their own, Lucifer in Dub, dropping December 10 via Weird World Recording Co./ Mexican Summer.