The Clean's David Kilgour Returns with New Solo Album, Shares "Comin' On" Video

The Clean's David Kilgour Returns with New Solo Album, Shares "Comin' On" Video
Lining up nicely with Merge Records' upcoming vinyl repress of the Clean's Anthology, the label has now revealed plans to issue a new solo LP from the Kiwipop crew's David Kilgour.

Merge reports that Kilgour and his backup band the Heavy Eights are set to deliver their End Times Undone on August 5 in North America, with a global street date set for August 18. The album is Kilgour's eighth solo LP and second with the current Heavy Eights lineup.

According to the songwriter, the bond between him and the rest of the musicians was strengthened between the making of 2011's Left By Soft and this latest 10-song set, making for a more cohesive band experience.

"A big thing for me is getting to know each other as musicians and people," the songwriter explained in a press release. "It's quite a personal thing to throw ideas around… it's nice to be a creative unit now."

You can sample the first sneak preview from the set, the jangle-heavy alt-country cut "Comin' On," in the slightly psychedelic, cave- and cosmos-exploring new video down below.

As for the upcoming reissue of the Clean's Anthology, Merge is dusting off the set and putting a four-LP package into stores on July 15. The collection includes debut single "Tally Ho!," the EPs Boodle Boodle Boodle (1981) and Great Sounds Great, Good Sounds Good, So-so Sounds So-so, Bad Sounds Bad, Rotten Sounds Rotten (1982), and an assortment of cuts plucked from the Clean's full-length albums Vehicle (1989), Modern Rock (1994) and Unknown Country (1996).

End Times Undone:

1. Like Rain
2. Lose Myself in Sound
3. Light Headed
4. Christopher Columbus
5. Crow
6. Dropper
7. Comin' On
8. I Don't Want to Live Alone
9. Down the Tubes
10. Some Things You Don't Get Back