The Clean Getaway

New Zealand's legendary pop outfit, the Clean have found the time to record another album together. David Kilgour, Hamish Kilgour and Robert Scott were instrumental in igniting independent pop music in New Zealand during the early '80s, and since reforming in the '90s, they have sporadically managed to record four albums. More spontaneous than previous efforts, this album took shape during last year's tour of New Zealand. The band continues to spin on the Velvet Underground axis, dishing out fuzzy, repetitive pop jams. The Clean have always had a way with simple warm hooks that permanently imbed themselves in your psyche. Although Getaway might not have any breakthrough tracks, it's probably their most cohesive album to date. The gentle, laid-back guitar grooves brings to mind mellower moments from Yo La Tengo, who are not only die-hard Clean fans themselves, but Ira Kaplan and Georgia Hubley even participate on a couple of tracks. (Merge)