Class Actress Announce Carpark Debut

Class Actress Announce Carpark Debut
Brooklyn-based electro-pop trio Class Actress released Journal of Ardency, their debut EP, last year on Terrible Records, the label run by Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor. Now, the group of Elizabeth Harper, Mark Richardson and Scott Rosenthal have signed with Carpark Records and are planning the release of their first full-length.

 The release is called Rapprocher and is said to continue down the path of forward thinking electro pop and Harper's dreamy, sultry vocals. According to a press release, the album also expands the group's sonic palette as "tracks like 'Love Me Like You Used To' and 'Hanging On' swaddle the record's heavy disco beats in lacy sheets of delay, and the bouncing bass of 'Weekend' make it a prime candidate for a feel-good summer hit."

Rapprocher will be available on October 18 via Carpark Records. Album opener "Keep You" can be downloaded here courtesy of Pitchfork.


1. "Keep You"
2. "Love Me Like You Used To"
3. "Weekend"
4. "Prove Me Wrong"
5. "Need To Know"
6. "Limousine"
7. "All The Saints"
8. "Bienvenue"
9. "Missed"
10. "Hangin' On"
11. "Let Me In"