Clark Turning Dragon

Releasing records on the label that influenced his sound most heavily, Chris Clark was stealing his sister’s "Warp when they were in Sheffield” tapes at age 14. Now based out of London, Warp pioneered and continues to release the experimental and freaked out music that made them infamous. To name a few: Nightmares on Wax, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and now Clark. Intense, fervent and gritty, to the point of grinding, Clark’s Turning Dragon carries immaculate artistry down to the smallest detail. As well, the emotion and depth of the music keep its robotic, techno-y elements varied, sincere and infectious. Techno-inspired lead track "New Year Storm” steps in the militaristic and danceable. "Volcan Veins” kills with a pounding reworking of reputed Missy Elliot vocal samples amongst sped-up whirs, bangs, blips and hi-hats. Exemplifying real artistry, every listen to this album uncovers fresh elements. Clark’s Turning Dragon reveals a deviant music maker with talent and imagination too freethinking to be classified. (Warp)