Clams Casino 'BSIDES'

Clams Casino 'BSIDES'
Following the stellar Instrumental Mixtape 2, atmospheric hip-hop producer Clams Casino is already back with a choice set of new remixes. On his Twitter today (June 19), Clams dropped a series of instrumental reworks with the hashtag "BSIDES," offering up new takes on tracks from the likes of Lil B, Mac Miller and Havoc.

Down below, you can stream and/or download all the instrumentals. And if you like your beats all heady and hazy, we highly recommend you do.

"1 Time Remix" (Lil B):

"Never Understand" (Squadda B):

"Always Have a Choice" (Havoc):

"23 Dollars" (Sha Stimuli):

"Cold Feet" (Mac Miller):

"Coldness" (Sha Stimuli):

"Live From Da Hood" (Lil B):