CKY Inflitrate•Destroy•Rebuild

Rocking, rounded heavy riffs and crystal clear vocals make up the core of Inflitrate•Destroy•Rebuild, CKY’s sophomore effort. But it is the subtle and simple programmed sounds, which vary from other worldly bursts, rich orchestrations and ‘80s video game audio, that give CKY a unique sound. Vocalist Deron Miller sings in a low timbre, with an almost boxed-in quality. He is controlled, missing the typical screams and outbursts that other metal vocalists have embraced. Guitarist Chad Ginsburg, who also doubles as the record’s producer, strays from the straight-ahead rhythms section frequently, but not to the point of distraction. He’s like a leashed child in a shopping mall — he wanders just as far as the rest of the band will allow him before he systematically returns to his place. His riffs are repetitive and intoxicatingly catchy. Harmonised and call back backing vocals, particularly on tracks like "Attached at the Hip” and "Frenetic Amnesic,” add to the polished pop feel of this otherwise hard-hitting disc. Lyrically, all the tracks on Inflitrate•Destroy•Rebuild are cynical and isolated, paranoid even, peeks into Deron Miller’s psyche. But it is honest. And that is part of what makes this a great listen. (Universal)